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  • Petri dish for innovation: Consumer driven health?

    I’ve written before about the idea that segments of the healthcare system where patients pay for themselves may be a fertile focus for innovation because of the tight connection between “who pays” and “who benefits”. News today reinforces this hypothesis, suggesting there are actually quite a few of these potential customers.

  • Who pays for US healthcare?

    It’s a truism to say that “Patients don’t pay for healthcare” in the USA. And historically, new ventures based on the idea that patients would pay out of their own pockets for healthcare innovations mostly adapted to this reality, or went to the wall. But as I have been watching various healthcare experiments unfold, and…

  • Primary care health, USA: the 401(k) model?

    I have been spending a lot of time recently exploring Health 2.0 (digital health, quantified self, wireless health, etc) and trying to read the tea leaves about how the US healthcare system is likely to change, as total costs continue on a seemingly unsupportable long term trajectory. I see an interesting analogy to the history…