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Keeping Aging Parents Safe

RGC 5Mary Hulme and I gave a talk last week about our eBook on Activity-tracking Home Sensor Systems at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. You can listen and watch it below. And if you read on you can see how to get a free copy Jan 12/13th if you wish.

Activity-tracking Home Sensor Systems are a new class of product designed to help keep your Aging Parents Safe when they are home alone. You can see more in my earlier post. You can get the eBook on Amazon here if you want. [ Amazon is doing a 2 day promotion in which the book is free on Jan 12/13th 2015]

There was some pretty interesting discussion at the end of the talk, and people seemed to find our approach of focusing on personas and using them to decide what products made sense to be interesting. Hope you like the video.





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