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  • Pre-existing conditions and the future of US healthcare

    “Pre-existing conditions” are (should be?) at the heart of the debate about the two approaches to reforming healthcare financing on display from our Presidential candidates. I found this article by Avik Roy resonated with me.

  • Emergence of the 401(k) health plan?

    The idea that health insurance might follow the trajectory of retirement finance, with employer-covered insurance moving toward a defined contribution, 401(k)-style approach, rather than the current, defined benefit, Pension-like approach is one I have written about before. In today’s news (WSJ) is an article describing how a handful of employers are transforming the way they…

  • Petri dish for innovation: Consumer driven health?

    I’ve written before about the idea that segments of the healthcare system where patients pay for themselves may be a fertile focus for innovation because of the tight connection between “who pays” and “who benefits”. News today reinforces this hypothesis, suggesting there are actually quite a few of these potential customers.