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Pre-existing conditions and the future of US healthcare

“Pre-existing conditions” are (should be?) at the heart of the debate about the two approaches to reforming healthcare financing on display from our Presidential candidates. I found this article by Avik Roy resonated with me.

No doubt there is an opposing argument from the Obama team about why Mr Roy’s analysis is flawed. I would be interested if anyone can point me to a well reasoned counter point of view. Please comment below.

I decided I should be able to read for myself what Mr Romney’s plan actually said. I found commentary in the blogosphere (see below). But not much about the actual plan, other than these principles on It seems the candidate has a set of principles, rather than “a plan”. I guess the argument is that “the plan” actually needs to put together by congress, hopefully following along with the candidate’s general principles.

In fact, that seems like a reasonable approach to me. But then, surely all these frenzied articles in the media about what Mr Romney’s “plan” would or would not do are just conjecture? What am I missing?


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